Architectural Lighting Magazine announces the 2016 AL Award Winners. See a video with the jurors.

As part of a panel discussing Visualizing A Garden’s Night Potential, Debra Gilmore presented key elements of exterior lighting compositions.  See the full APGA 2016 Conference schedule here.


Lights in Alingsås is an exterior public event that takes place along a 2.5-kilometer trail in Alingsas, Sweden every autumn.  Temporary lighting installations designed and installed during a 7 day workshop attended by the industry’s leading lighting designers and 60 enthusiastic students from all over the world, draws over 80,000 visitors during a 5 week period.

This year’s theme titled “The Enlightenment” will highlight the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals adopted in December 2015.

See the 2016 Visitor’s Guide for more information, and Mondo Arc magazine coverage.

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